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April 6, 2017

Today we tried to post the following comment on Breitbart's Disqus section regarding:
World View: President Trump Plans Military Action on Syria After Nerve Gas Attack on Civilians

Our opinion was positive and did not include any harassing language. It got blocked, why?


UGENICA: Relax people! Let the huffing and puffing pass and see what Trump will actually do in the end. Remember, the moment Trump is predictable he is finished.

Reply by someone: Hope you're right and the CIA aren't fixing for him to take a ride along Dealey Plaza in an opentop limo if he doesn't play along with their shadow government crap

Reply by UGENICA (blocked): The fixing of Trump is the very least on their mind right now. Trump was chosen for a reason.

Not only has the dismemberment of the Russian Federation failed, Russia and China are now allies and are a quite formidable force. An extremely risky operation will be required for any significant victory, which will be disastrous should it end in defeat. The Russians have advanced war-tech (ScalarWaves). The unknown unknowns are too great. This ends all the globalist dreams of a New World Order.

The dilemma now is a West that's in decline, especially economically. All efforts are going into the revival of a healthy middle-class. MAGA is an elitist agenda because it's the only way for them to survive the mistakes of the last 25 years. Most members of the establishment though have not been informed about this because it’s a game called "Musical Chair". The stolen wealth ends in the hands of the very few only. The rest, who are primarily the progressives, neocons and liberal fascists, are desperately holding onto their corrosive gains by engaging into the dirtiest political fights this country has ever seen. And only someone like Trump can withstand this kind of shitstorm. He is like a Black Hole. All this flying dirt just disappears into him. It’s a remarkable gift he got and that’s why they picked him. The elite will come out and try again long after all this has been forgotten and this might take two or three generations.

So enjoy all the coming opportunities of this MAGA agenda. Make the best out of it.


Experts call for creation of ‘red teams’ to challenge climate science

April 1, 2017

Prominent scientists operating outside the scientific consensus on climate change urged Congress on Wednesday to fund “red teams” to investigate “natural” causes of global warming and challenge the findings of the United Nations’ climate science panel.

The suggestion for a counter-investigative science force – or red team approach – was presented in prepared testimony by scientists known for questioning the influence of human activity on global warming. It comes at a time when President Donald Trump and other members of the administration have expressed doubt about the accepted science of climate change, and are considering drastic cuts to federal funding for scientific research.

A main mission of red teams would be to challenge the scientific consensus on climate change, including the work of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, whose reports are widely considered the authority on climate science.

Full report: Experts Call For The Creation Of ‘Red Teams’ To Challenge UN Climate Science Panel | The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)