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Eventually, the universe does reveal 'its kernel', 'its meaning' to 'its local hosts' by longing for an answer to 'its first and only question': "Why 'it' is and why 'it' is not rather nothing?"

Your genes are in essence sets of instructions synthesized by a cosmic search-engine, a structure made out of recombinant matter seeded throughout space which occasionally, amongst many other things, condenses into planetary outposts. Miraculously, here and there, 'its search' does produce 'Form and Mind' including the ability to reproduce new local hosts eager to perform 'its genetically encoded plays' on 'its marvelous stages'.
How can 'it' do all this combinatorics so successfully? The fundamental driver for 'it' lays enshrined in a strategy of continuously cross-pollinating the fine-structural results of quantitative feedback randomness (QFR) which feeds only natural and obviously the right amount of seeds back into a very, very large but finite value of discontinuous random events. For 'it' and yourself ('itself'), these processes shall enter into the beyond were victory can be won by entirely outshining the terrifying infinite immensity of nothingness – explained below. No man-made cluster of either parallel- or quantum-computing technology will even come close to this grade of naturally pure randomness, ever!
"Indeed, God does not play pseudo dice!  ... After all, only It can play real dice!" 

Any attempt to tinker with the genetic code (Bioengineering) and/or the surrounding natural settings (Geoengineering) will precipitate a severe interference to the foundation of the subtle resonant interconnection of life and matter. A guaranteed recipe to fatally crash that particular outpost in which the tinkering occurred. But before 'Form and Mind' is taken away though, the first indication for your outpost's demise shall be recognizable as defects in 'its given Mind'.  ... A chance to act!

Social engineering methods, primarily aimed at young people, have severely subverted the 'Minds' of this world and the western world in particular. Your FORMative years have a profound and lasting influence on your physical and mental shape. How do you cope with the sexual revolution, in place since the 1960ties? Did you pick your gender category yet? Will you host anything just to be en vogue? Please provide us with your findings of facts helping us to raise public awareness on Man-Made Mental-Defects and the vicious feedback-cycle it creates, a design with a runaway effect in mind.  ... Clearly, a signature left behind by Mental Defectives!

You are right now and only briefly a living part (local host) of an eons-old process with the mission to do the best you can to propitiate 'it' with your given senses and to create the perfect conditions for your offspring to do the same as well. After your part well done you can merrily become 'one' with 'it' again.
You already got the gift to sense 'itself', but if you find the solution to the ur-quest a special gift is waiting for you. Hint, "Fiat Lux!"  ... Read on.

So stop screwing things up and open your eyes. Spot out any negative forces (bugs) including your own (and ours at UGENICA, Inc. for that matter) that might endanger the collective success of this precious outpost.  ... We need citizen detectives identifying mental defective citizens!

The most dangerous 'Mental Defectives' can be found in the so called Deep State, a group of very powerful Industrial Complexes basically running a shadow government: 

  • Military Industrial Complex
  • Medical Industrial Complex
  • Climate Industrial Complex

For the most part, your outpost has become an unhinged, superior-than-'it'-thinking place out of touch with reality. This La-La-Land environment has made it remarkably easy to render entire social groups into 'Mental Defectives' as well. A sharp increase in violence shall indicate the beginnings of major social unrests committed by indoctrinated individuals who are mentally disintegrating into a highly destructive spiral of hate, which is essentially hate over oneself. Initially, self-haters will find refuge in hate-clusters with seemingly inescapable rules of groupthink, but when all is said and done, lost and loveless hosts become self-regulated by nature, a mechanism which steadily increases the potential of suicidal decision making. To prevent a new runaway effect, possibly ending in WWIII, this episode of Liberal Fascism shall be contained by a growing number of Citizen Detectives, a development which seems to occur especially in the USA via its fascinating MAGA-Movement. Also, the work of 'Citizen Detectives' shall include the identification of mental defectives with a chance of rehabilitation. We must reach out to those who haven't gone beyond the event horizon yet.

We are witnessing a new form of Man-Made Eugenics, a selective, agenda-driven activity that decides who and what the fittest is. Since the early 20th century eugenics programs have typically been promoted by an elite class (Others), but after the 50ties, the origin of fitness ratings has shifted away from third parties into the minds of individuals itself. It's now done within you (Self). Is it possible to rate yourself unfit if your inner pilot has been damaged? The answer is clearly yes! Interestingly, this magic can also occur simply by looking into a mirror. However, for those who express the wish that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall or attach to some other entity, the number of Magic Mirror Victims can never be high enough. Decades of R&D have been invested solely for the purpose to sabotage vast amounts of people's self-governing inner abilities, thus transitioning Eugenics-by-Others to Eugenics-by-Self. Regardless the locality of eugenics programs, in others or in self, sophisticated propaganda methods are used to distance todays New Eugenics operations from the negative connotations of previous Nazi-like eugenics programs, but its differentiated identity of 'New Eugenics' is still prone to the same locally hosted buggy and corrupted processors (humans). However, there are three classes of imperfect processors:

  1. Processors who are imperfect and feel to be imperfect.
  2. Processors who are imperfect but feel to be perfect.
  3. Processors who are imperfect but feel perfectly fine with it. (Nobody is perfect)

Feeling imperfect is a self-induced programing error leading into self-hate.

This class of processors are willing executioners with an obsession of an destopian man-made self-destructing world run by mass individualism (Anarchy).

The second class is using the executioners with an obsession of an utopian man-made perfect world run by a guardian class. Warning: This class will not tolerate a worldwide population of more then 500 million people (slaves).

This will end in utter failure.  ... Please, not again!

Don't let this agenda designed by 'Mental Defectives' get out of hand. Sooner or later, if left unchallenged, man-made eugenics always turns up to be genocidal.  ... That's a given by 'it'!

Happy Debugging. Your UGENICA Team.


Your genes want you to Thrive! Your genetic code speaks volumes on this. All you have to do is turn the dial on your inner radio (local host) and listen! 
Today, for some reason, most radios are either turned-off (atheism) or set to the wrong frequencies, e.g. New Age Scene, Gurus, Sects, Cults, Pop Culture and to some extent even Religious Institutions (explained later).
Tuning-in on your Genic Voice steers you towards lots of children and a healthier, wealthier, happier life and, last but not least, a better world. Maybe you are listening but not understanding, or perhaps you are overwhelmed by other voices, like voices that are sung by strange birds sitting in the Tree of Eugenics

Man-Made Eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices that aims at improving the genetic quality of the human population. It is a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human genetic traits through the promotion of higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with desired traits (Positive Eugenics), or reduced rates of sexual reproduction and sterilization of people with less-desired or undesired traits (Negative Eugenics). - excerpt from Wikipedia -

Why is it that more and more people in their reproductive age reduce or completely stop their rate of sexual reproduction voluntarily? Do they feel to be a less-desired or undesired trait deemed unfit for reproduction? We don't think so! The nascent (New) Eugenics movement is immeasurably far more damaging than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!


UGENICA will show you the relationship of your genes in a system of domains that is divided into four [e]ugenics branches; Gene Lording & Restoring, Gene Melting, Gene Shopping and Gene Cleansing which are rooted into their distinctive places; UGENICA-World, La-La-Land, Gray Area and Organized Crime, respectively. Please see the UGENICA flowchart below.

Important: In life, there are events that happen by chance or by design. In eugenics, Chance occurs only in Natural Eugenics. Man-Made Eugenics is by definition always a Design which is either Made-by-Others or Made-by-Self – IF YOU SO CHOOSE.
For the UGENICA-World, these distinctions do serve as crucial pivot points in our reasoning processes. Can Negative-Eugenics-by-Others be tailored into Negative-Eugenics-by-Self? Absolutely! Its called Black Art: Counterintelligence and Disinformation. Frankly, one must always raise the question: "Is self-destruction solely the fault of 'Self' (individual/group) or did 'Others' – in crooked and wicked ways – had their hands in it as well?" Such a case of mistaken "guilt by association" could be made over the rise and fall of Nazi Germany, we believe. 

Exercise: What is the result of the following addition?
"Germans are monsters" + "Germans are victims"
Solution: 'Mental Defectives' do exist everywhere!

Michael "Tom" Goodrich researched recently declassified WWII material and documented his findings in – Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947. His research is considered one of those "game changers", a book so powerful because it is written in the perspective of the victims. Also available as a movie. Millions of Germans were murdered after the end of the hostilities, and countless millions of woman were brutally raped by both the Western American/British, but especially sadistic were the Khazarians, a satanic mafia cult, who inspired and led the hordes coming out of the steppes of primitive Russia.
This work is highly explosive, so evidently laden with significance by exposing non-german societies to the encapsulating potential of a like-german-monster manifesting in their own fabric. And besides, do you really think the Germans woke up one day and said: "Lets kill all Jews!" The Judaeo-Germano alliance was extremely successful. Late 19th century, Berlin was the center of the world in science, art, philosophy and economy. A fact which was totally unacceptable by Germany's neighbors and thus Black Art was the only solution for them to sabotage that alliance. And boy did they do it well. Actually, Black Art should be called Fine Black Art because elitists from these shadow governments managed to drink a cup of tee with a stretched out pinky finger while entire countries around them went up in flames. To glean at the vistas of death & destruction and at the same time deal and wheel over opportunities a hell like WWII delivered must be highly addictiv indeed.  ... Let that sink in!

For so many poor souls, the decision to take someones life away has been committed on false narratives most often fabricated by the demands of the military-industrial complex and increasingly the medical-industrial complex. The good news however is, human perception can not be tricked forever. The hardest part is to finally wake up.

In a way, Michael's book kickstarted the UGENICA project. Reading it can be rough on your mind, but if you mange to get through it, you might SEE THE GAME. The genocidal visuals throughout the book are suddenly not from the past anymore. In a rigged democracy like the USA, constantly targeting distinctive groups (Russians, white males, conservatives, etc.), your thoughts are starting to visualize future genocidal events. And indeed, further research shows, "The Socialist-Capitalist Alliance", a quite formidable force (see  bellow), is clearly responsible for the subversion of the Western World by having pushed multiculturalism and many other extremities against the will of its people, virtually guaranteeing civil and/or religious wars. In this case, we are not any longer talking only about German victims!  ... Buckle Up!


Primarily, UGENICA promotes natural reproductive decision-making that is made by an individual rather than regulated or indoctrinated by others (state/government, mass media). We absolutely condemn any attempt by a ruling power to enforce reproductive-genetic decision-making onto their people. The transfer of reproductive-genetic decision-making from the state to the patient and their family will only moderate the worst abuses of eugenics.
Modern genetics is a back door to (new) eugenics, e.g. Gene Selection rather than People Selection which has recently been made possible through advances in gene editing (e.g. CRISPR).
This challenges the idea of human equality and opens up new forms of discrimination and stigmatization for those who do not want or cannot afford the enhancements.
Children are increasingly regarded as made-to-order or synthesized (no parents at all) consumer products (Gene Shopping). This 3rd branch of eugenics floats in a Gray Area. Be cautious. The movie GATTACA provides a fictional example of 'Positive-Eugenics-by-Others' done voluntarily.  
... You decide

Comparing the decision-making by 'Others' (State, Industries etc.) to yours (Self) reveals a contrary direction between the positive/negative outcomes. While 'Negative-Eugenics-by-Others' has been outlawed in most parts of the world, 'Positive-Eugenics-by-Others' (Gene Editing, Personalized Medicine, etc.) has increased dramatically. On the other hand, while 'Negative-Eugenics-by-Self' (voluntary sterilization, abortion, divorce and suicide etc.) is on the rise, which is for the most part equally destructive as 'Negative-Eugenics-by-Others', 'Positive-Eugenics-by-Self' (many children, stable marriage, strong familiy ties, etc.) seems almost like a dream of a distant past.
Further, if 'Positive-Eugenics-by-Others' is compared with 'Positive-Eugenics-by-Self', a possible scenario could become clear. The modern genetics industry might justify its technology to stem the negative development of natural reproductive decision-making by the individual with reproductive-genetic methods. A guaranteed recipe for yet another building block in a 'Socially Unjust' society especially towards the poor. 'Gene Shopping' is very expensive. Nevertheless, the problem of affordability gives NGO's the food for new social-justice arguments which usually leads into entitlement programs for the masses. In the end, reproductive-genetic methods will be financed with your tax-dollars.

We live in a turbo-capitalistic (Crony Corporatism) driven world filled with greed as usual. You might wonder how our society has fallen to a low point like this. Was it by chance or by design? Just ask yourself who would make a profit out of it and who is tolerating it? Precisely, we live in a 'Man-Made Negative-Eugenics' society perpetrated by 'Others' via legal loopholes and perhaps collectively endured by 'You' via coercions. However, coercion is a practice made by 'Others' by persuading someone to do something using threats. In general these threats are so miniscule yet strong enough to trigger fear like 'sticking out' or 'drawing unwanted attention'. Thus, a 'Man-Made Negative-Eugenics' society is in the end crafted by 'Others' exclusivly. The healthcare industry is one of the major industrial complexes. This branch keeps you in the loop through polished ads in glossy magazines and shiny TV commercials further indoctrinating and manipulating you. To some extent this industry has aquired medical and legal rights over adult citizens and virtually complete rights on medical decision-making over children. By the way, have you counted all the medical malpractice lawsuit ads aired on your TV lately?  ... Amazing!
Excessive drug prescriptions, accidental releases of severely harmful products and medical malpractice should make you worried about the effectiveness of the FDA in particular and our political system in general. Despite these difficulties or disturbances, modern gentics is poised to follow this trend in an unchanging state of affairs. In Washington DC the wheeling and dealing over your genes has already begun!
Errors and carelesness in conventional medicine is already bad enough for any individual, but errors and carelesness in modern genetics will lead to unforeseen consequences which are very likely transferable to your offspring and their offspring as well. And that will be a catastrophe. 

Therefore, UGENICA has taken the [e] out of eugenics: U = You.

In the UGENICA-World its YOU who takes control and social responsibility of your genetic assets (Gene Lording). This 1st branch of [e]ugenics will provide you with a collection of information and supportive products:

  1. Techniques for detecting and identifying defective bio-, geo- and social-engineering programs implemented by persistent criminal offenders against life and matter.
  2. An UGENICA Online Store offering preparedness products to weather a stormy future and vibro-acoustic communication products easing the localization process of your 'Genic Voice' frequences.
  3. Guides and tips to prepare for the Eddy Minimum, a major threat towards your genetic future and possibly your entire lineage.
  4. Guides and tips to engage in natural decision-making for your genes to thrive again. Emerging supportive Gene Restoring technologies will be included (e.g. Wave Genetics). 

The development of this domain will be our main task.  ... Standby for future updates.

The UGENICA-World includes 'Natural Eugenics' (Positive: Warm climate, abundance of water and fruitful land / Negative: Cold climate, drought, dessert, natural disasters and diseases). In most cases you can prepare accordingly by moving to more promising areas and by choosing places with low volcanic, earthquake and storm activities.
Attention: You must prepare for Global Cooling, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and possible Volcanos! According to John Casey's Relational Cycle Theory (RC Theory) of climate change, the next fifteen years will see a historic decline in global temperatures until we reach the bottom of the next cold epoch brought on by a 'solar hibernation,' a long term reduction in the Sun’s energy. This bottom, which he calculated for the year 2031, will be preceded by record cold and global crop damage for years on either side of that low point. The planet will not start to warm up again until the 2040’s and then, only moderately so. Solar physicist are now calling this hibernation event 'Eddy Minimum'.

The majority believes the exact opposite instead. This is quite a remarkable achievement because the ruling class has managed to change a tiny part of the 'Natural Eugenics' domain into a gigantic 'Man-Made' affair. Atmospheric CO2 makes up only 3.6% of the total greenhouse gases combined. The anual man-made contribution to atmospheric CO2 concentrations is a measly 0.0002%. Besides money (Climate Industrial Complex), are the leaders of this global warming agenda interested in as many victims as possible caused by extreme cold and long winters the world hasn't seen for over 200 years? We think so!
This is 'Negative-Eugenics-by-Others' at its best, an organized crime par excellence committed by harmless looking fountain-pen criminals.


The just released, December 14, 2016 book, "Upheaval" documents the coming threat of catastrophic earthquakes about to strike the United States. They are expected to cause hundreds of billions of dollars in damage and cause tens of thousands of Americans to die.
This rare and dangerous phenomenon of nature is caused by a repeating cycle 206 years in duration and has occurred before in the USA when we were a very young country with only a little more than 5 million citizens. Now we are approaching 335 million many of whom are sitting on top of earthquake faults that are about to rupture with devastating force.
Ill effects will be felt with several M7.0 to M8.0 quakes in Alaska and among the well known faults in California and the central USA in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. (NMSZ) with large quakes in other states. Collateral effects will be substantial. The northeastern states could be without gas and fuel for months in the middle of winter if history repeats past quake devastation, as is expected.

One reviewer, Dr. Rich Swier has said that "Upheaval!" is :

"...a book that every American and every citizen of planet Earth should read and heed."

Read more at Veritence Publishing, Inc. or go directly to Trafford Publishing to order your book today. 


Book Tips:
Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell. - by John L. Casey (Author)
Upheaval! Why Catastrophic Earthquakes Will Soon Strike the United States. - by John L. Casey (Author)

A New Grand Solar Minimum Has Begun Are You Ready to Thrive.  - by ADAPT 2030 (YouTube)
The new Trump adminstration will 'definitely' pull out of Paris climate deal.  - by Breitbart.com

Climate Change Skeptics Welcome Open Debate Under Trump Presidency  - by Breitbart.com


UGENICA will guarantee your decision-making to be positive and stay positive iff your 'Genic Voice' has veto power over your negative consciousness (e.g. irresponsibility, selfishness etc.)!
We call this affair a Positive Instinctive Drift! You must work on the inner processes and maturity in order to establish a conscious communication with your DNA. And this is why not everybody is equally successful or can do it with always the same strength. Although age is no guarantee of maturity, accumalated experiences of courtship as an actual lifelong process makes 'Positive Instinctive Drifting' increasingly intuitive over time. 
The russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Garyaev Peter Petrovich and his colleagues developed a method that is not dependent on these factors (maturity, intuition etc.) but will ALWAYS work, provided one uses the correct frequencies. Currently, there doesn't seem to be much evidence on the internet to support this claim. However, since this type of research correlates 100% with our belief of a 'Genic Voice' we will follow this new development known as Wave Genetics very closely. Regardless of the ability to communicate with your 'Genic Voice' naturally or via scientific means, it is the only safe path to Gene Restoring, that is, slowing, stopping and eventually reversing the aging process. Should 'Wave Genetics' one day fulfill this dream, modern genetics together with conventional medicine will come under tremendous pressure. This won't go without a fight.  ... Get your popcorn ready.

It seems unwise and possibly dangerous to allow genetically modified life (GMO) to enter the evolution and ecology of Nature given their lack of understanding of the subtle resonant interconnection of life and matter. Put simply, life is much more complex and subtly connected than modern genetics realizes, thus modern genetics cannot know the consequences of changing genetic sequences and their interconnected resonant structures.
The Wave Structure of Matter/Wave Genetics also suggests that we need to be more careful with the wave frequencies we use for communications, and inadvertently generate with our electricity distribution and use in various electrical machines (Electro-Smog).

UGENICA will make you aware of attempts and actions made by the 'Negative-Eugenics-by-Others' domain. This 4th branch of eugenics is driven by a network of Organized Crime. As stated above, 'Negative-Eugenics-by-Others' has been mostly outlawed, but through corruption, indoctrination and manipulation in politics, the pharma and the media industries, your genes are presently and more so in the future clearly in danger. 
Most people with a critical interest in the Western policies and practices of multiculturalism and mass-immigration have probably heard of Cultural Marxism. This 20th century strain of Marxism produced by the Frankfurt School a.k.a. the Institute for Social Research in Germany, and later in New York where it was affiliated with Columbia University, is responsible for a highly Anti-Family and Anti-Religion ideology called Critical Theory: "Question Everything", Political Correctness (PC), Saul Alinsky's “Community Organizer” Radicalism, Repressive Tolerance, "Diversity is our Strength," and other insidious tactics and strategies that are gradually stripping away the cultural traditions, ethnic identity, national sovereignty, and historical memory of the European peoples. 

But do most people know the link of Cultural Marxism, in particular its strategy of the "long march through the institutions," to another socialist society famed for its "gradualism" and its connection to the British Labour Party? This society is called the Fabian Society and heavily influenced, indeed was a precursor to, the creation of the Frankfurt School.

Both claim to promote socialism, the counter-ideology of capitalism.
Both have been and are funded by extremely wealthy people and groups who attained their affluence as capitalists.
Both promote the radical transformation of Western civilization through Socialist utopianism.
Both reject revolutionary Marxism and instead use and advocate "gradualism," a step-by-step long-term plan to change the character of the West through stealth and infiltration.

Please read the three part series on The Socialist-Capitalist Alliance: The Fabian Society, The Frankfurt School, And Big Business - by Clare Ellis:

1. The History and Intentions of the Fabian Society and its Link to Big Business.
2. The Fabian-Frankfurt Link, and Big Business.
3. The Labour Party, Fabianism, Big Business, and the Cultural Marxist-Initiated Immigration and Multiculturalism Program in Western Nations.

It is crucially important that you detect the true nature of this Troika (Fabianism - Cultural Marxism - Crony Corporatism) and where it invokes your decision-making. This force tailors an acute toxic environment (settings) making it gradually difficult for genes to function properly, the prime cause for Mental Defectiveness. Analyze the decision-making made-by-others as well. Your genetic and personal future and the future of our world depends on this insight. (See dashed red lines in the UGENICA flowchart below.)

Be especially awake during your times while in academia. There is a political bias on university campuses and most professors are leftists  … even Marxists. This is well documented in the movie Indoctrinate U explaining the extent of hostility and Anti-Patriot sentiments. Can't we just go to school and learn skills and further our education? The ironic part is that professors and even indoctrinated students claim that the curricula are designed to promote 'critical thinking'. How can it be critical thinking when there are limitations and boundaries on what you are allowed to think?

The easiest and therefore preferred subversion method for the Western Culture is primarily done through indoctrination programs specifically tailored for teenagers and young adults. This age-group is by far more We-Think oriented than the more I-Thinking older folks. Develop an En-Vogue-Groupthink-Bait and voila, the crowds are yours. Robert Pittman in the 'Philadelphia Inquirer' way back in 1982 boasted: “We’re dealing with a culture of teenage babies, they can watch TV, do their homework, and listen to music all at the same time. The strongest appeal you can make is emotional. If you can get their emotions going, make them forget their logic  … you’ve got them. At MTV, we don’t shoot for the 14 year olds – WE OWN THEM.”  The methods applied at colleges and university campuses are of course more sophisticated then that, but nevertheless, they are heavily based on groupthink psychology. We used to worry higher ed was failing to educate students. Now it's like making them actively stupid & dangerous too.

But it goes further. Sadly, its usually the children who receive the bulk load of the damage. Gender Mainstreaming is now practiced in preschool and kindergarten and Mandatory Vaccination for infants is on the horizon. "Yeah, thats right, go after the ones without a voice. And if that doesn't appease you either, just rip that THING out of the body altogether."  ... Main-hosts Beware: Profits made from sold body-parts are NOT paid back to its providing host. You totally lose!!!

Attention: Don't vaccinate your baby with the MMR cocktail !!!
In 2014, the senior scientist of The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Dr. William Thompson has made an unprecedented admission: he and his colleagues –he says– committed scientific misconduct to cover up a meaningful link between the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR) and autism.
In an untainted news environment, the allegations would make headlines in most legitimate publications and would trigger federal inquiries. Again, the interests of the powerful pharmaceutical industry reach deeply into Congress and the news media through lobbyists, propaganda and advertising dollars.  
In 2016, after a lot of additional victims, a turning point is happening in the U.S. despite the mainstream media’s best efforts to downplay and ignore it. Fraud within The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now premiering in theaters throughout the U.S. as the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe has opened at the box office to massive interest.
We strongly hope the new Trump administration will launch a major investigation into this and label the natur of this activity as an organized and criminal eugenics program. 

Movie Tip: Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.  – by Andrew Wakefield (Director)

The media industry is surely and by large responsible for a world that serves as the 2nd branch of eugenics which is also known as La-La-Land, a place out of touch with reality. Here, people get stuck comfortably in a never ending cycle of addictions (Sex, Drugs, Money, Gurus, Pop Culture etc.) This LACYCLA domain, as we call it, has reached a sorry pool of hundreds of millions of people world wide. Their signature feature: zero kids, perhaps only one.
The media industry in particular is increasingly singing the song of Globalization and prepares the public with subliminal methods towards a New World Order with an One Race Agenda (Gene Melting a.k.a. Melting Pot, Agenda 21 - which will be soon reorganized by the UN doe to heavy exploitation by the alternative media). It is our strong belief that the 'Negative-Eugenics-by-Others' domain ultimately chases only one main objective: large-scale Man-Made Depopulation (Gene Cleansing).

Finally, the UGENICA-World will include an UGENICA movement to promote the formation of large families, educate the public on natural and scientific 'Gene Restoring' methods and to reach out to the LACYCLA domain.
Attention: Pay off all your debts ASAP! This will take some time for the most of you. But don't push it out to far. You can't form a large family with too much overhead and/or if you are getting to old. Regardless of the size of your family, prepare for economic hardship as well. And yes, we are investing in crypto-currencies and precious metals.

Crypto Tips: Besides BitcoinEthereum and Litecoin, Ugenica, Inc. has invested into the following cryptos:
Populous, Pillar, Veritaseum, OmiseGo, Neo, Dash, Cardano, Qtum, 0xRipple, Stellar, Burst (added Feb 2018), Dogecoin and Dentacoin. In particular, 'Burst' is a interesting coin. Its 'Proof of Capacity' (PoC) storage based mining technology is ~400 times more energy efficient then other mining techs. Power hungry Box/Card based mining is becoming a major issue in the near future. Currently, at an adoption rate of only 3% worldwide, Bitcoin consumes already the energy needs of entire nations like Denmark. If this problem is not resolved by late 2020 - early 2021, Ugenica, Inc. will leave the crypto market entirely.

We do accept crypto-donations via coinbase Commerce. Thank You!


UGENICA is not a pill you can take. It is a paradigm you must grasp. Our body is programmable by language, words, thought and frequencies (electromagnetic & vibro-acoustic). This has now been scientifically proven and explained.

Your genetic sequences are in fact interconnected with ALL THAT IS at all times. This IT for short (as in all-that-is is ‘it’) are resonant structures projected into all forms of life and matter creating a local holographic interference pattern (Code) within you. This projected localization of 'IT' is your Center. Don't make the mistake by thinking you are 'in' the center of all that is. The preposition 'in' is defined as a locator. Everybody and everything can not be at the same location at the same time.

"You are the center of all that is!" - True.
"You are in the center of all that is!" - False.
"The grain of sand at the beach is the center of all that is!" - True.
"You and I are two centers of all that is!" - True.

Animals, plants and even non-living objects bend to this principle of a bidirectional connection with 'ALL THAT IS' without contradiction. Only humans can, unfortunately, not only consciously, but also unconsciously contradict this principle. These contradictions lead to very unnatural settings, severely corrupting the encoding and decoding of the 'Genic Voice Language'. Thats right, your DNA is a genetic apparatus performing encoding/decoding processes like a bio-computer. Even non-genetic matter like a grain of sand plays an active role in these settings (Nature). If you wish, you could contemplate all of this as "The Ghost In The Machine". For us however, the ghost is the 'Center' and the machine is the universe or simply 'IT - That WHICH IS'.
Even so, think of 'IT' as a machine in a machine in a machine like the layers of an union. Be careful, if you manage to connect in a bidirectional-stepwise fashion somehow through all these layers, from the subatomic into the galactic, we say from Within to the Beyond, a fantastic Gift (Satori experience) might await you. It can be overwhelming if you don't know what to expect. It is usually accompanied with a long lasting silent grin on your face reaching from one ear to the other, sometimes lasting even for hours. Is this the solution and answer to the ur-quest: A state of complete enlightenment conclusively outshining nothingness in its entirety? If this is the case, then 'That WHICH IS' needs/demands 'Form and Mind' to do so.  ... Let that sink in for a moment!
Many try to get this Gift by years of preparations, excessive knowledge collection and what not, but only a few seam to ever receive it that way. Even an analphabetic can get it. To some, it can happen just out of the blue, it really depends on the individual. It actually can be as simple as reposing in the recovery position, thinking on nothing else then "ALL-THAT-IS is around me and I am the center of IT". (Don't say or think "...center of it all" or "...center of all of it", like a king who owns it all/all of it.) One side of your brain points towards earth and the other into space; feel the span. Flip positions, or try the lotus position under a tree, experiment with spatial/temporal settings like in a rocking chair or while on a train ride. We leave this up to the reader to decide what works best. And while seeking the ultimate 'Gift', don't neglect your family, or worse, forgetting to even start one. Trying to receive this 'Gift' can become an obsession and a gateway into a highly destructive Ego-Trip. Be carfully with your motives and methods. Enjoy the senses you already have!  ... Wanting it all can cost you dearly.

Unfortunately, man-made designs have shoehorned 'IT' into a concept of the abstract manifested (man with long beard sitting in a cloud etc.). Apparently, at least in ancient times, it was much more difficult for people to focus on a deity as the unmanifested than one with form, using anthropomorphic icons (murtis), because people need to perceive with their senses. The Greek philosopher Xenophanes (570–480 BCE) noted practical problems with that and argued against the conception of deities and said that "the greatest god" resembles man "neither in form nor in mind". But we say: "That 'WHICH IS' re-assembled man in 'Form and Mind' within and out of 'IT-Self'." You are a 'PART' of 'IT'! And if you PARTicipate, you know that 'IT' is tabbing your 'Mind' continuously to sense 'IT-Self'. And, if you (can) fully PARTicipate, you know that 'IT' is completely illuminating your 'Mind' by conclusively outshining nothingness in its entirety, the defacto Oneness-Experience 'With-IT'.  ... LET THERE BE LIGHT!
After a successful encounter of this kind, on the one hand, voluntary or involuntary childlessness can not be endured any longer. On the other hand, being a father or mother to new life uplifts you to the son/doughter-of-creator level, a highly rewarding experience. If it doesn't trigger one or the other, your Oneness-Experience either wasn't one, like those self-serving ego-trips, or your attempts did not complete successfully, like nothingness still roaming your 'Mind' PARTially stuck in darkness giving rise to lingering-soul-fragments (can cause fear). You got to keep it ALL together in ONE full bliss. If you are successful but left involuntarily childless, a careful look into the 3rd UGENICA branch can be supportive. If nothing works however, you still could make an attempt to accept our statements as true and belief that 'IT' (a.k.a. GOD) exists. Perhaps you could retain your 'Form' in good shape or repair it if necesary and try again when your 'Mind' is ready!  ... Mens sana et corpore sano est.

Both Judaism and Islam correctly rejected an anthropomorphic deity, believing that God is beyond human comprehension. As stated above, this in turn leaves the problem to focus on GOD/'IT' as an unexplainable Thing, you just gotta belief in 'him'. Wait a minute, 'IT' is male? Of course not! You get the point. Remember, all this has occurred long before Galileo Galilei built his first telescope. Today, we know so much more about the universe that you might finally say "At last, science meets religion". Far from it. Science, and natural sciences in particular, are in itself heavily drowned in dogmas and theories like Big Bang, Black Holes, Dark Matter, Dark Energy and especially Gravity all of which are purely mathematical postulates. Nothing of the above can be verified via experiment nor be unified into one, thee ONE.  ... The 'falling apple story' needs to be reformed!

Now, to unshoe 'IT' out of the 'abstract manifested' and out of the 'incomprehensible something' we need a new scientific approach that proofs the ONENESS of 'ALL THAT IS' and therefore the TRUTH itself! Gosh, if Nikola Tesla just had succeeded against the corrupt scientific establishment of his time, which literally 'gravitated' around Albert Einstein's theory of relativity (by design), we could have reached a conclusion to these philosophical and metaphysical matters already in the 20th century. But there is help on the way folks. The scientist from The Thunderbolts Project are working on a theory called The Electric Universe. We at UGENICA are highly confident that their approach will lead us into the true oneness of it all.

The Thunderbolts Project has produced several highly-acclaimed feature-length documentaries over the years. Please get some popcorn and drinks ready and watch the following introductional videos.

1. Thunderbolts of the Gods.  Official Movie
2. Symbols of an Alien Sky.  Episode 1
3. Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Lightning Scarred Planet, Mars.  Episode 2
4. Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Electric Comet.  Episode 3
5. Wal Thornhill: Stars in an Electric Universe. The Science

Clearly, scientific and religious institutions need to be reformed. Unfortunately, many atheists and scientists are calling rather for an abolishment of religious institutions altogether. Especially Christianity is currently receiving tremendous pressure mainly from Hollywood, MSM and Academia, not to mention the catastrophic situation in the Middle East. This has to stop immediately. Both sides need to be reformed, period. This anti-religion craze is wrong and very dangerous. Actually, Jesus, Krishna and Buddha in its originality provide a great amount of teachings to manifest 'IT, That WHICH IS'. These Masters were successfully tabbed by GOD/'IT' and were incredibly gifted in choosing the right wording for their audiences long before telescopes, rockets and the science of plasma physics came forth into view.  ... Astonishing, to say the least!

Book Tips:
Yoga of Jesus: Cracking The Code of the Mystic Teachings of Christ. - by Fakeer Ishavardas (Author)
Thunderbolts of the Gods. + DVD - by David Talbott & Wallace Thornhill (Authors)

We need advocates promoting an ideology which ensures a respect for tradition as well as the promise that any necessary changes will be carried out in the most conservative manner possible, in order to avoid the revolutionary turmoil that can sever the ties between nations, races, cultures and generations. This creates a setting in which all can flourish. The watchword is “non-interference”. Freedom of conscience, freedom of thought, freedom of speech – all these freedoms are fully exercised, but only to the extent that one freedom does not conflict with another.  ... Or else, POOF! – and all is lost again.


To reach the ‘Promised World’ it is absolute necessary for you to make your choices and decisions free of any negative man-made designs, including your own negative designs. The UGENICA flowchart shall be your map to navigate through stormy weather. UGENICA likes to be your companion in this endeavor and give comfort to individuals by participating in a movement of a new kind of Natural Groupthink or IT-Think if you will. Your grand parents knew the art (Wisdom) of 'Positive Instinctive Drifting'. Knowingly or not, did they follow this kind of 'Think'? Having lived in a setting with a far lesser amount of contradictions of this kind, probably yes! Most likely, they aren't around anymore to teach you the ins and outs.  ... But UGENICA is!

In getting ‘IT - That WHICH IS’ you will be immune to the multitude of Traps/Trips the La-La-Land domain provides. In the UGENICA-World the Mother-Trap to avoid is the notion of Junk-DNA. Modern geneticist believe over 90% of your DNA appears to have no biological function for your organism. What about biochemical activities? What about biophysical activities?  … Aahh! Physics! Then what about Scalar Waves and the Electric Universe and along with it the new kids on the block, ‘Wave Genetics’ and ‘Electricity of Life’, respectively?  … Stand-by!

One more thing, please stay away from esoterical circles. Chances are (by design of course), it will be a waste of time and money and probably a push into a 'LACYCLA Trap' via an 'Ego Trip'. Your 'Form' becomes the trap and your 'Mind' the trip!  (Snow White, the magic mirror)
Most likely, you will end up working towards someone elses interests and are deliberately kept away not only from your current family but also from starting your own.  ... New Age = New Cage.

Always remember, for the sake of a better world, your genes want you to Thrive!
'That WHICH IS' needs/demands you to Thrive!

... Got stuck in La-La-Land?
... Listen to your genes!
... Yes You Can!

... Building a better world. One child at a time!

The UGENICA logo represents the father, the mother and the child (first cell division). 

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Your UGENICA Team.

Last update: February 17th, 2018.

P.S. In the near future you will see a wrath of Gene Blaming splashing out on all media channels. Every disease, mental and behavioral disorders are suddenly becoming the fault of people's genes. Instead of pointing the finger at environmental pollution like GMO, Electro-Smog and chemicals, its you who is the new culprit. And who do you think will be the new savior? The astonishing achievements developed by the modern genetics industries of course!  ... Cha-ching. 


... Guaranteed mentally sane!